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The content of /etc/apt/sources.list


Probably after some faulty misconfiguration I lost some lines in
/etc/apt/sources.list so I am not sure now what is the proper content of it. In fact, I started to use squeeze a couple of years ago by installing the first ten CDs of its release 6.0.1a and by time upgraded to 6.0.10 and at some points I also added backports and squeeze-lts to the sources list. However I am not sure now if the system is updated properly, so would appreciate advices on the most appropriate content of /etc/apt/sources.list

Secondly, having in mind that squeeze-lts will be retired next February, I've been thinking on upgrading this comp to wheezy. The main issue is that is an old box (Celeron II 400 MHz, 224 meg RAM, most of the internal cards are ISA, etc), so I wonder if it would accept the upgrade. According to some websites, it seems that should be possible, however I would like to hear advices on that. This machine is primarily used as a firewall-router for the other two comps in the home LAN, and it has an ISA dial-up modem Zoltrix and USB wifi connectivity on it, Xfce, icedove, etc. All of that works with squeeze-lts although as expected the comp is pretty slow. I wonder if upgrading to wheezy (or wheezy-lts if available) would be feasible here, or I should look for other options. Thank you.


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