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Re: Any ideas on whether or not a Wheezy LTS will happen or not


On Montag, 30. März 2015, Michael Banck wrote:
> Please keep in mind that wheezy will get regular maintenance for one
> year after the jessie release, so the question whether there will be a
> wheezy-lts or not is not imminent.

while I agree that the question is not imminent, I do think this question 
should be answered sooner, eg. it would be good to decide on _jessie_ LTS 
_now_, as it's an important factor when deciding whether to deploy jessie 
soon, whether it will have 2 or 5 years security support. 

That's said, I dont know how to "properly" decide this now and I also have no 
idea how to guarantee that we'll keep this promise unless by proving we'll do 
so, by doing so. Basically just like we release a new Debian version roughly 
every 22 months since 10 years, even though this also not guaranteed.

So my current answer to the question about Wheezy or Jessie LTS is: "I have no 
idea, but given Squeeze's LTS success, I think it's very likely we'll have 
Wheezy + Jessie LTS. Please support Squeeze LTS and/or express your 
appreciation / usage to make it happen."


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