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Re: Any ideas on whether or not a Wheezy LTS will happen or not

Thanks for your response Michael,

On 30/03/15 10:39, Michael Banck wrote:
> Please keep in mind that wheezy will get regular maintenance for one
> year after the jessie release, so the question whether there will be a
> wheezy-lts or not is not imminent.

I understand that there will be no final answer on whether there will be
a Wheezy LTS anytime soon.

However I was hoping that there may have been at least some sense of
likely direction. E.g. some current sentiment on whether Squeeze LTS has
largely been a success (or not) and how likely a Wheezy LTS might be
(i.e. ranging from highly-unlikely through possible-but-totally-unclear
to highly-likely).


Jeremy Davis
TurnKey Linux

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