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Re: Any ideas on possibility of wheezy-lts?


On Mon, 30 Mar 2015, Jeremy Davis wrote:
> I have googled high and low and got no recent comment/thoughts/etc on
> whether or not there is even consideration of a Wheezy LTS.

>From my side, I see no reason to not do Wheezy LTS. Squeeze LTS is
doing its job (even though it could be better) and it looks like we have a
somewhat sustainable team even though it's highly reliant on external

You can have a look at the reports I publish concerning the work
done by paid contributors and how the funding is evolving currently:

We also have some companies allowing some of their employees to contribute
to Debian LTS.

> I understand that it would be dependant on the success (or not) of
> Squeeze-LTS but I could not find any (even preliminary) evaluation on
> that. TBH I couldn't even find any info on what the criteria for success
> might be...

The start of Wheezy LTS will be one year after the release of Jessie so we
still have some time.

But barring any big change (like most sponsors not renewing their 1 year
committment) we're definitely headed in the direction of making Wheezy a
LTS release too.

Raphaël Hertzog ◈ Debian Developer

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