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Re: Any ideas on possibility of wheezy-lts?

> I have googled high and low and got no recent comment/thoughts/etc on
> whether or not there is even consideration of a Wheezy LTS.

If you would think about the idea of LTS you woul not have to think about
this google thingy.

> I understand that it would be dependant on the success (or not) of
> Squeeze-LTS 

You can ask at ubuntu about LTS. If a machine works perfect with Deb6, 
why should one update. There are only two purposes for updating:
If you are forced to have X for browsing one by and by can have the idea
of getting a new browser. Absolutly everything isn't really needed.
But without X security updates are honestly recomended. So, having
Deb6LTS working perfect, there is absolutly no need for anything else.

> but I could not find any (even preliminary) evaluation on
> that. 

There are enough users and they are the recomondation. Evaliation? No.

> TBH I couldn't even find any info on what the criteria for success
> might be...

Ask at ubuntu.
Here you only can ask all those using Deb5 and earlier.

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