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Re: Status of libhtp and suricata in squeeze

On Tue, 17 Mar 2015, Arturo Borrero Gonzalez wrote:
> > Are there non-backwards compatible change that will cause problems to
> > users if we pursue that path?
> I don't know actually.
> But I would say: that doesn't matter at this point. An outdated
> suricata is like an outdated antivirus, users need to move forward.
> Is not only the lack of upstream support. Users would like to get rid
> of some important security issues and bugs.
> Do you think there is chance for suricata 2.x in squeeze-lts? What are
> your thoughts?

Yes, we have some freedom to experiment in squeeze-lts. As long as we do
what's best to our users... here lacking any upstream support, it seems
best to move forward as long as we don't break any other package in the
distribution by doing so. Declaring the package unsupported is not
a particularly pleasant outcome for users either.

So I would suggest you to prepare those updates, put them online for some
users to test, and if nobody complains about them and if your tests
are good, then we can upload them to squeeze-lts.

Is suricata the only reverse dependency of libhtp?

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