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debian live-boot boot failed

Thank you.
I am chen,a Chinese.
I use debian-live-10.20-standard.iso. It can not support ntfs.
kernel cmdline:"boot=live findiso=/a.iso".
"findiso=/a.iso" is I writed,just to test live-boot how to do when a.iso is not existing, sorry.
live-boot's function 'is_supported_fs' should add one statement,'if test "$fstype" = "ntfs" -a -e /sbin/mount.ntfs -a -e /bin/ntfs-3g;then return 0;fi '.
ntfs-3g's command is /bin/ntfs-3g,and /sbin/mount.ntfs (also /sbin/mount.ntfs-3g) is a soft link to /bin/ntfs-3g.when user installed ntfs-3g,it's /var/lib/dpkg/ntfs-3g.postinst will auto remake initrd.img (call update-initramfs),include live-boot'script in new initrd.img,but,when live-boot not change it's code of function 'is_supported_fs',new initrd.img will boot failed on ntfs.All live-boot need to do is add one statement to it.
Thank you for reply.I will report bugs to debian development.
And,I write a mail to you ,say,'debian live-boot mount /dev/sda1 (where is iso image place,'boot=live,findiso=/abc.iso') in "ro" mode',I am sorry,I am wrong,when I boot into debian,/dev/sda1 is mount in "rw" mode',I am sorry that.

debian initrd live-boot 's prompt is so bad (sorry,have a bug).
when debian initrd live-boot boot failed,it go into a busybox sh whith "(initramfs)",and say "Unable to find a medium containing a live file system",it is bad prompt.because you should point out where is the mountpoint.
It should say "Unable to find a medium containing a live file system,please mount squashfs filesystem(cdrom or iso image /live/filesystem.squashfs) on /run/live/medium,ex:'mount /dev/sda5 /mnt/sda5 -t ntfs (you must add '-t ntfs' to command);mount /mnt/sda5/os/debian/debian-live-10.2.iso /run/live/medium/ -t iso9660 (must add -t iso9660);' ".
here have a wrong,live-boot's script should assign var $livefs_root to '/run/live/medium/' when $livefs_root is empty.
say,"please mount rootfs on /root/ (use overlay or aufs),ex:'mount -t overlay none -o lowerdir=/run/live/rootfs/filesystem.squashfs' ". (hehe,I was wrong,fix it,
"please mount rootfs on /root/ (use overlay or aufs),ex:'mount -t overlay none /root/  -o lowerdir=/run/live/rootfs/filesystem.squashfs/,upperdir=/run/live/upperdir/,workdir=/run/live/workdir/ ' ".
and then user can mount filesystem in busybox shell and boot into system.


At 2020-08-18 19:54:49, "Pipo" <pipo.gold@gmail.com> wrote:
>Hi Chen,
>is it Chen?
>First of all, I am not part of the Debian development team, so do not ask me
>to change anything in there.
>I just answered your question because I went through the same problems.
>You might want to take a look also at Knoppix distribution nased also on Debian to find how Knopper solved the problem about booting on a NTFS. (How he loaded the module ntfs-3g at boot time).
>I have no idea where the "findiso=a.iso" is coming from. It is certainly not from the standard live build.  It is from a customized configuration that has nothing to do with the original live build.
>You should read the documentation VERY CAREFULLY because it is very confusing.
>Please try all the tutorials in the documentation.
>Good luck!
>On 8/18/20 5:38 AM, chentianlai@126.com wrote:
>> Thanks for your reply.
>> I test ntfs-3g,after installed ntfs-3g (in debian 10),it will auto remake initrd.img,but,it is not work.because live-boot's script(/lib/live/boot/9990-misc-helpers.sh) is not support ntfs,even if ntfs-3g had installed.If I want to use ntfs,I must edit live-boot's script.deepin's live-boot had fix this problem (use ntfs-3g).I think debian's initrd.img should support ntfs.
>> Annother question.Debian 's live-boot have a wrong.
>> kernel cmdline "boot=live findiso=/a.iso",where a.iso is not exits,and debian will boot fail,get into a busybox sh (initramfs).I mount a filesystem on /root/,then "CTRL-D"(two time),and it will die (kernel panic),say:
>> Begin: Configuring fstab ... done.
>> Begin: Preconfiguring networking ... done.
>> /init: line 189: 6: Bad file descriptor.(*** wrong is here)
>> (kernel panic)
>> kernel attempt to kill init.
>> init is not tainted.

>> wrong:"/init: line 189: 6: Bad file descriptor."  !!!

>> I checked the boot scipt,found that wrong is in "/lib/live/boot/9990-main.sh".Here is the code:
>>         Fstab
>>         Netbase
>>         Swap
>>   ***  exec 1>&6 6>&-
>>   ***  exec 2>&7 7>&-
>>         kill ${tailpid}
>> I comment the two line (*** exec),rebuild the initrd,it come into busybox shell again,I mount filesystem on /root/,and it can boot.
>> Thanks.
>> At 2020-08-17 21:04:34, "Pipo" <pipo.gold@gmail.com> wrote:
>>>The normal/standard ntfs "supported" is not ntfs-3g.



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