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Live build: courier-mta instead of exim4 (Was: error live build with "method driver /usr/lib/apt/methods/https could not be found")


On 19/05/2019 07:15, PICCORO McKAY Lenz wrote:
> ok Michael.. its easy to explian, buil a live image.. with one
> difference:  avoiding the exim4 as default mta.. i wants courier-mta
> as mail-transport-agent, that's all!
> what's the problem? well. . all the apt, debootstrap and packages,
> seems prefers to exim4.. and if i set such options to not use it:
> 1) added to lb config as --debootstrap-options
> "--include=apt-transport-https,ca-certificates,openssl,courier-mta
> --exclude=exim4,exim4-co
> nfig,exim4-base,exim4-daemon-heavy,exim4-daemon-light"

I've attempted to reproduce your case, using a stripped down, minimal
set of commands (using Debian testing for building the image):
lb config --debootstrap-options "--include=courier-mta"
lb build

When I run this, I get a live image that does contain courier-mta but
not exim4.  So your goal of having a live image, with courier-mta
instead of exim4 _can_ be reached.

From what I see in the command the you provided, you also attempt to
bring in packages from other sources. Does any of those packages perhaps
explicitly depend on exim4 instead of on mail-transport-agent? That
would explain why exim4 will get pulled in as well.

In order to be fully able to reproduce your case, I think we will need
your config directory, because the command that you provided is not
sufficient for reproducing the case.

With kind regards,
Roland Clobus
Working on updating the manuals of the live-team

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