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Re: live-wrapper - RFE - Arch boot automatic detection

El 18/11/15 a las 20:33, Ben Armstrong escribió:
> On 18/11/15 07:15 PM, Michael . wrote:
>> Correct me if I am wrong but I'm not sure this is the right list for
>> this. Live Wrapper and Live build are 2 separate projects run by, or
>> at least they were until Live Build has been discontinued, 2 differnt
>> groups.
>> If you want to message the Live Wrapper group I suggest you contact
>> Debian CD and ask them what list is appropriate for your ideas and
>> patches.
> I don't see any justification for splitting our pool of expertise across
> two disjoint groups. In coming months we will likely need to have many
> conversations involving both the old and the new, and the resulting
> cross-posting between groups would just be confusing, and hamper
> development going forward.
> Ben


Fernando Toledo
Dock Sud BBS

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