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Re: live-wrapper - RFE - Arch boot automatic detection

Correct me if I am wrong but I'm not sure this is the right list for this. Live Wrapper and Live build are 2 separate projects run by, or at least they were until Live Build has been discontinued, 2 differnt groups.

If you want to message the Live Wrapper group I suggest you contact Debian CD and ask them what list is appropriate for your ideas and patches.

On 19 November 2015 at 09:51, adrian15 <adrian15sgd@gmail.com> wrote:
1) I make the assumption that live-wrapper currently supports to build an x86 system with both a 586 kernel and amd64 kernel in the same iso.

2)  I would like live-wrapper to have support for arch automatic detection at boot. That means that the bootloader chooses the right kernel depending on the available architecture.

I already did this work for live-build and the commits can be found here:



3) I don't mind implementing the bits to improve the grub cfg file and live cfg file but taking a look at:


where the detect_kernel function is defined and:


which it's one of the places where it is used... well...

I need not only what you currently save on version but also the arch... not sure how irl wants to implement it, with two variables,... Should I parse myself the detect_kernels output and play from there? Should the output be two variables ? A dict variable ?

Given these files found:


I need to be able to loop over 3.16.0-4 so that I found that it has two architectures. Then if one of them is amd64 I guess I can suppose the other one would be 586.

Once that happens I can add my auto entry which if it was a function would need to know the kernel filenames and the kernel associated arch.

Additional note: Pae can also be supported by autodetection if pae kernels are still available in Debian. I think pae it's supported on syslinux but not on grub2.

4) Hopefully this RFE can improve the current live-wrapper design.

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