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Re: Bug#804315: [Vmdebootstrap-devel] Namespace issues

On 14120 March 1977, Iain R. Learmonth wrote:
> It is worth noting that live-build is not a Debian project, it is an
> external project that claims to be an official Debian project. This is
> something that needs to be fixed.

It is worth noting that you do not declare such things. Such an attitude
is just plain wrong. It is as official a package in Debian as any other,
and we have been respectful with namespaces on replacing them. At a
minimum people got approached before.

> I'm aware that I'm going to be upsetting people, but this has been a long
> time coming and I'm not going to spend time bikeshedding over naming.

As an ftpmaster I can tell you that you will have to spend more time on
bikeshedding over the name. live-build-ng wont fly.

> I would rather spend that time on integration of live image creation
> into official Debian infrastructure and building the best system for
> live image creation possible.

You would have spent WAY less time on this if you wouldn't have started
out entirely negative here.

bye, Joerg
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