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OK so now ready to be added to the 'downstream' webpage.

n00bix (http://n00bix.outworlds.de) downloads (http://sf.net/projects/n00bix)
i386 and amd64 builds available with boot menu 'live' installer.

Debian for everyone! A simple lightweight ready to roll debian with everything that a normal user should need out of the box.
This includes all the non-free firmware and other goodies such as Chrome, Adobe Reader, Spotify. Some other gems like Geary, x2, xfce-terminal quakestyle (super+t), a run box (super+r).
n00bix does not strive to be a distribution in it's own right, you still use normal debian repositories and packages, (apart from the extras for single upstream apps like Chrome, Spotify etc).
It also makes a nice backup / recovery system, with applications like luckybackup, filezilla and gparted.

Reword as you please,
Anthony (bofh80)

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