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Improper /etc/mdadm/mdadm.conf in live-rescue CD

Package: none
Severity: Minor

Affected system:   debian-live-7.4-amd64-rescue.iso

I downloaded this rescue CD in order to get my broken md-raid up and
running. (I booted using the first option, Live 64bit system.)

When running 'sudo mdadm --assemble --scan' nothing happened!
I was expecting it to find my broken md-raid and create /dev/md/0.

I noticed that the file /etc/mdadm/mdadm.conf on the Live-CD statically point out three ARRAYs with three UUIDs that has noting to do with my computer nor my md-raid.

I renamed the file and ran 'sudo mdadm --assemble --scan' again,
and this time my md-raid was found, /dev/md/127 was created and I could rescue my data.

Having md-array definitions from the live-CD builder's machine statically
present in the live CD is apparently a bad thing, so please remove it.

PS: Luckily I found this out before assuming something was wrong with the
raid itself. Had I not, there's a chance I could have corrupted or
destroyed my raid entirely in my attempts to recreate/rebuild the raid and make mdadm find it.

PPS: I don't know why the raid was created on /dev/md/127 instead of /dev/md/0 as it normally would. Perhaps you should check this out as well.


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