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Re: multiboot usb stick


Quoting Baurzhan Muftakhidinov (2014-03-07 16:18:55)
> >  - loop mount the iso and then directly boot linux (but this again requires
> >  knowledge of the boot parameters)
> Well you said you need to boot Debian isos, just copy-paste the boot parameters.

yes, the alternative is of course always to start a project which auto detects
the Debian live iso and generates boot options accordingly. Then, whenever
Debian live isos change or add new features or remove old features, the script
has to be modified to work again.

I would like to know if it is possible to create a script which requires
nothing else than the isos being Debian and the bootloader being syslinux. If
the idea I outlined in my first email is possible by changing how debian-live
detects from which partition to load the rootfs, then such a script creating a
multiboot usb stick would only require very minimal amounts of maintenance. If
I can make my life easier in the future by investing some work now, then I will
gladly do it. So any pointers are appreciated :)

So before I commit to creating a multiboot script that works as all the other
existing ones, I want to make sure that I have to do it that way and that there
is no alternative.

cheers, josch

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