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Re: adding packages using live build

On 25/06/13 09:00 PM, Jonathan Nadeau wrote:
> hey Ben I have another question. I would just make a txt file with the
> extra packages correct? After making this txt file I can just copy it
> into the config/packages-list folder. Do i have to do any command with
> lb? The reason why I ask is after putting this txt file in the folder I
> did do  a lb clean and ran lb build. But it didn't create an iso file
> and it also didn't seem to add the extra packages. Am I doing something
> wrong?

If your build fails, we need to see your config (complete auto/config
and at least a recursive directory listing of config, and the contents
of any files in the config tree that are relevant to the problem at
hand, i.e. in this case the packages.list.chroot) and build log.


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