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Bug#712232: LIVE_NOCONFIGS in /etc/live/config/* broken

On 06/15/13 18:57, tails@boum.org wrote:
> FYI our group communication
> software (Schleuder) acts as a remailer and hides multiple recipients
> to the eyes of each other, which explains you can't see the BTS
> receives my email too. But it does :)

ftr, i got your private reply before i got the one from lists.d.o (via
bts subscription of the list).

> Is there anything in here might override LIVE_NOCONFIGS set in the
> configuration file?

like said before, cmdline will overwrite config files, so do not
include 'config' in cmdline, as this will enable all scripts again.
this is also documented in the manpage.

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