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Bug#712232: LIVE_NOCONFIGS in /etc/live/config/* broken


> like said before, cmdline will overwrite config files, so do not
> include 'config' in cmdline, as this will enable all scripts again.
> this is also documented in the manpage.

Indeed, sorry I missed it: the behaviour in earlier releases in the
3.0.x series matched the one I expected (thanks to a bug apparently),
so I did not notice it was not working differently from documented.
Reading the changelog again, the 3.0.15-1 entry should have be enough
of a hint for me.

Anyway (still running 3.0.23 + commit b018878):

  * If I edit the kernel command-line to remove `config', and add
    live-noconfig=sudo,policykit instead: as documented, all scripts
    but sudo and policykit are run. So far, so good.

  * If I remove `config' from the kernel command-line, no live-config
    script is run at all, despite LIVE_NOCONFIGS is set in
    /etc/live/config/*. This looks like a bug, or did I miss
    anything else?



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