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Bug#712232: LIVE_NOCONFIGS in /etc/live/config/* broken


> [ please do not drop the bts from cc ]

Thanks for being careful about it. FYI our group communication
software (Schleuder) acts as a remailer and hides multiple recipients
to the eyes of each other, which explains you can't see the BTS
receives my email too. But it does :)

>> Any bugfix commit we could try backporting to 3.0.23 and see if it 
>> fixes things up? Would that be b018878 ("Reading configuration
>> files before cmdline options."), perhaps?

> yes;

Unfortunately, I've just reproduced this bug with live-config 3.0.23 +
commit b018878.

> and note that the command line will overwrite the config file, so
> you should have nothing else (wrt/ live) but 'boot=live' in your cmdline.

Our kernel command line is:

  initrd=/live/initrd2.img boot=live config live-media=removable
  nopersistent noprompt timezone=Etc/UTC
  block.events_dfl_poll_msecs=1000 splash nox11autologin module=Tails
  quiet BOOT_IMAGE=/live/vmlinuz2

Is there anything in here might override LIVE_NOCONFIGS set in the
configuration file?

  intrigeri, for the Tails team


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