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Re: odd behavior

> On 06/13/2013 09:07 PM, Don Raikes wrote:
>> Warning: Skipping unsafe custom mount /lib: must be an absolute path containing neither the "." nor ".." special dirs, and cannot be "/lib", or "/lib/live" or any of its sub-directories.

live-manual suggests using "/ union" to workaround certain limitations
of persistence with custom mounts. I guess the word "workaround" is
not the best one but it is descriptive enough. I link to the paragraph


Perhaps this "workaround" works for you since you have a long list of
directories under "/" that you would like to make persistent. So, in
short, instead of using

/lib union
/usr union
/var union

in your persistence.conf file you can simply use:

/ union

Be warned that this will make "/" persistent as in "full persistence".
I do not know if this will fill your bill.

I hope this helps.


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