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Re: Most of the time trouble booting USB hybrid image


> My problem is that the generated hybrid image most of the time is
> not bootable. […] When I
> try to boot from the USB stick, the system hangs in the BIOS, the
> HDD LED is lighted forever. But this is not always the case.
> Sometimes I can boot from the USB stick without a problem. In case
> the image is not bootable, I can run the image as ISO image in
> VirtualBox without a problem. So the ISO seems to be OK.

I had the same issues with a quite recent laptop. The USB key was not
the problem since I could use it with a standard LiveUSB image. I
remember someone on this list, most probably Daniel, highlighted the
fact that isohybrids are just a trick to make believe the ISO image
contains disk partitions if my memories are good enough. This is not so
reliable then and should likely not be considered as being so.

> I have no idea, how to fix this problem. I have tries other USB
> sticks, other PCs, run dd as root, nothing helps.
> Does anybody here have an idea for me?

Finally I decided to use the findiso feature for the next major release
of DoudouLinux. With this you can boot the ISO image from a standard USB
key (no need of reformatting). I've explained on our blog how to turn a
standard USB storage device into a bootable DoudouLinux using the ISO
file [1], of course there is no special magic but Debian Live :). I've
also written a small graphical tool to help users easily do this by
themselves [2]. It is currently lacking of a nice graphical interface
(it is using Zenity dialogs) but it works well as far as I know.

I finally find this a better solution than isohybrid since I don't have
to bother anymore with testing the USB version and users can keep using
their USB devices as they were doing before, ie. as a storage device!

Hope this helps.



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