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Re: live-tools_3.0.12-1_all.deb package overwrites /usr/share/man/man1/uptime.1.gz

> In short, live-tools is not a package that you would install on a normal
> system, but only as part of a live system, and particularly those built
> by live-build.

Ben, thanks for clarification, but does it means, that every user of
Debian Live will be deprived of possibility to clearly read original
`man uptime` and `man update-initramfs` inside of a live system and
instead will see list of `live-tools` scripts and generic info about

I see, that `live-tools` moves origin `uptime` and `update-initramfs`
utilities with orig suffix, but `live-uptime` and
`live-update-initramfs` still use original utilities, so why man pages
of original utils should be replaced by live-tools's one?
I agree, that original `man uptime` contains no usefull command line
options (-h for help and -V for version), but original
`update-initramfs` does, moreover `live-update-initramfs` bypass all
command line parameters to original `update-initramfs`. How do i know
list and meaning of these parameteres for update-initramfs script?

So, my suggestion is at least to include in live-tools.7.gz a kind of
a NOTE about how to read original man page for update-initramfs


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