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live-build 3.x summary of top 3 issues this week

Dear users of live-build 3.x,

Please always check latest status on the debian-live list, as both the
wheezy and sid are moving targets. That means both the debian-live
software itself and the archives are constantly changing, so builds that
worked yesterday might not work today and vice-versa.

That being said, since I seem to spend a lot of my time when I help
users addressing the same issues, I thought I'd take some extra time
this Canadian Thanksgiving holiday to give you a brief summary of the
top 3 issues raised within the past week or so. This will save me as
much time as it will save you. ;)

Thanks for using debian-live. As always, if you encounter new issues,
please read and follow the Bugs section of the manual:


It will save us a lot of time if you read the chapter carefully and
follow the advice within.

And now, the top 3:

1. Most users will be building wheezy images (the default for 3.x). The
versions of live-boot and live-config in wheezy now lag considerably
behind because we're in a freeze, meaning several issues have already
been fixed. Once we're certain the new versions will be acceptable to
the release team, we'll request unblock requests for them.
Meanwhile, we suggest you use the sid versions via this recipe in the
APT pinning section of live-manual:


2. The handling of 'lb config --initramfs auto' (the default) was broken
in live-build and was just discovered and fixed a short while ago with
the upload of live-build 3.0~a65-1. Sorry, I don't know in which release
this bug was introduced. Until it hits your mirror you can also find it at:


3. The linux-image-flavour metapackages in sid up until a very short
while ago were out of sync with wheezy (i.e. point at the old abi# "3"
instead of the new one "4". This happens from time to time. When it
does, this can be worked around by ignoring those metapackages and
specifying the package name stub for the kernel as in:

lb config --distribution sid --linux-images linux-image-3.2.0-4

By the time you read this, the new metapackages should be at your
mirror, so sid builds will no longer have this problem and the
workaround will no longer be needed.


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