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Re: Decision 3 - Name of /lib/live/mount/image

Le 04/10/2012 13:40, Daniel Baumann a écrit :
On 10/04/2012 01:14 PM, Philippe Lelédy wrote:
I would like being able to use multiple media do get
{*.squashfs,*.ext2,*.dir} from.

you would you boot from more than one medium at the same time?

Erratum: I said "multiple media TO get {*.squashfs,*.ext2,*.dir} from" !

"Boot from" can mean at least 3 different things !

-1- the medium from which BIOS/EFI loads the bootloader (Grub, Syslinux, ..)

-2- the medium from which the bootloader loads kernel and initramfs ( usally same at -1- below )

-3- the FS that initramfs mount as /

I'm thinking about flexibility, at point -3- ( which is the job of live-boot). Only because Daniel's thoughts was about long term, I imagined that some time in the future it would be nice to use last minute update to the stack FS mounted as root at point -3-

Use case:

My students use the live-usb I made for them months ago. But today I have a better /etc/emacs/site-start/ script that I would like them to experiment with. It would be fine if, in the classroom, if I could start a TFP server for holding this little piece of the stack FS that live-boot mount as root.

Of course, I can live without, but as a teacher, I have no time to teach emacs internals to my students, so anything easying updates is welcome.


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