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Decision 3 - Name of /lib/live/mount/image


live-boot mounts the live medium read-only into /lib/live/image (current
sid) resp. to /lib/live/mount/image (current git).


the name 'image' is suboptimal to refer to the live medium, not all boot
methods are booted from an image.

alternative names have been suggests, most prominently (in alphabetic

  * binary: would be most generic and in line with live-builds own

  * medium: would be the most intuitive for end-users, but doesn't
    work with netboot terminology where you don't have a 'fixed' medium.

  * system: when being read with the path /lib/live/mount/system, it
    is descriptive as it's where the live system (but not the
    the live *file*system) is mounted.

    the actual live filesystem is mounted at /lib/live/mount/rofs (sid),
    resp. /lib/live/mount/rootfs (git), and for which we should find a
    better name too (see one of the next mails).

please state your preferences by choosing one of the four (original and
three suggestions) with a short reasoning, or, an entirely 'new' suggestion.

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