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Decision 1 - Moving live mounts to subdirectory within /lib/live

Current Situation

1. filesystems mounted by live-boot

live-boot *mounts* the following things as of current sid:

  /lib/live/image: the live media mounted read-only
  /lib/live/rofs/filesystem.{squashfs,ext*,...}: the root fs image
  /lib/live/overlay: the copy-on-write content from aufs
  /lib/live/findiso: the loop-mounted iso image when using findiso
  /lib/live/persistence/*: persistent devices with copy-on-write overlay

[nb: i've you havent followed live-boot recently, /lib/live was formerly
in / as /live, but we've moved that to /lib/live in order to not pollute
the rootfs with a non-FHS top-level directory]

2. code content in /lib/live

/lib/live servs as the directory that contains all the runtime code of

  /lib/live/{boot.sh,boot/*}: live-boot
  /lib/live/{config.sh,config/*}: live-config
  /lib/live/debconfig/*}: live-debconfig
  /lib/live/installer: debian-installer-launcher's d-i chroot


evidently, /lib/live is now too crowded. we would like to better
seperate the mounts from the code, in order to make it more inuitive to
see what part is what.

therefore, we propose to move the mountpoints:


from /lib/live to /lib/live/mount:


resulting in /lib/live looking like this at its top-level:

  /lib/live/{boot.sh,boot/*}: live-boot
  /lib/live/{config.sh,config/*}: live-config
  /lib/live/debconfig/*}: live-debconfig
  /lib/live/installer: debian-installer-launcher's d-i chroot
  /lib/live/mount: misc mountpoints of live-boot

there was consensus yesterday on irc to do move the mountpoints, and to
name the new directory /lib/live/mount. it's a functional name with no
abbreviation (we could have used the more intuitive /lib/live/mnt
otherwise), which is what we consistently do in live-* for everything
named proper.

current git of live-* already reflects this change.

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