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Some decisions on naming and conventions ahead

the following mails are about deciding on some things naming and
convention wise.

background: in the beginnings of the debian-live project, we have just
'went ahead' and did things to make it work. in the last few years, we
have tried to gradually make things more consistent and proper and to
improve quality and appearance.

once it was decided upon a proper naming (regardless of it being a
package name, filenames, pathes, variables, boot parameters etc.), we
intend to stick with it for a very, very long time. in fact, none of the
'proper' names have ever been changed since, and i do intend to keep
that this way.

i'm aware that naming changes can be very frustrating for both users
when moving from one stable release to another (as they have to consult
documentation to look things up) as well as developers (who have the
increased support burden), let me emphasis again that choosing a proper
name does need good thought, we do really want to stick with it unless
hell freezes over, sort of.

now is the last and best change to change a few things in live-boot
before we'll upload the last and final releases of live-boot for wheezy.
although live-boot is not that great in implemenation, we do want to
stick the user facing interfaces into stone now, so that during the
jessie release cycle, live-boots implementation can be improved.

last but not least, please.. if you answer on the next couple of mails,
remember to be precise and short when making your argument. don't write
overly long explenations/reasonings, if we would like you to elaborate,
we will follow up. this will allow us to decide the required things in
an efficient way as possible.

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