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Re: Decision 1 - Moving live mounts to subdirectory within /lib/live

Am 03.10.2012 09:51, schrieb Daniel Baumann:
Current Situation

1. filesystems mounted by live-boot

live-boot *mounts* the following things as of current sid:

   /lib/live/image: the live media mounted read-only
   /lib/live/rofs/filesystem.{squashfs,ext*,...}: the root fs image
   /lib/live/overlay: the copy-on-write content from aufs
   /lib/live/findiso: the loop-mounted iso image when using findiso
   /lib/live/persistence/*: persistent devices with copy-on-write overlay

[nb: i've you havent followed live-boot recently, /lib/live was formerly
in / as /live, but we've moved that to /lib/live in order to not pollute
the rootfs with a non-FHS top-level directory]

2. code content in /lib/live

/lib/live servs as the directory that contains all the runtime code of

   /lib/live/{boot.sh,boot/*}: live-boot
   /lib/live/{config.sh,config/*}: live-config
   /lib/live/debconfig/*}: live-debconfig
   /lib/live/installer: debian-installer-launcher's d-i chroot


evidently, /lib/live is now too crowded. we would like to better
seperate the mounts from the code, in order to make it more inuitive to
see what part is what.
IMHO: At least for me it is not "too" crowded.
Whatever the final desicion will be: More important is to define the structure of directories, mountpoints etc *once* and keep it until the end of this release. I am comfortable with the current structure. Changes of such kind require modifications of some scripts/hooks I use on/for my live images.

therefore, we propose to move the mountpoints:


from /lib/live to /lib/live/mount:


resulting in /lib/live looking like this at its top-level:

   /lib/live/{boot.sh,boot/*}: live-boot
   /lib/live/{config.sh,config/*}: live-config
   /lib/live/debconfig/*}: live-debconfig
   /lib/live/installer: debian-installer-launcher's d-i chroot
   /lib/live/mount: misc mountpoints of live-boot

there was consensus yesterday on irc to do move the mountpoints, and to
name the new directory /lib/live/mount. it's a functional name with no
abbreviation (we could have used the more intuitive /lib/live/mnt
otherwise), which is what we consistently do in live-* for everything
named proper.
Why not to use /mnt instead?

current git of live-* already reflects this change.

Thank you / regards, Mark



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