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Re: Building a Live system with Liquorix kernel instead of a regular Debian kernel.


On 09/21/2012 10:34 PM, Michael . wrote:
> My auto/config is attached to this message so you can see how it is setup.

There are quite a number of problems with your config, the first one being that it is very long,
concealing actual problems. It is best practice to only include configs that actually differ from
the defaults, making it much easier to see the actual customizations you have made. Default
configurations are often better tested, so when problems arise, it is the changed configurations we
need to see in order to troubleshoot.

Some others I noticed:

	--archives "ftp.au.debian.org backports.debian.org repo.mate-desktop.org liquorix.net" \

Please note the doc (man lb_config) about this option, as you are not using it correctly:

       --archives ARCHIVE|"ARCHIVES"
           enables one of available third-party archive configurations in

Read live-manual again on how to enable third-party archives. Also, your main Debian archive does
not belong in this list, and backports can be enabled with --backports true, since they are
officially supported by Debian and not third-party.

You needn't set any of the --parent options at all, as you are not building a derivative, and these
options relate specifically to derivatives. You also needn't set many of the --mirror options, as
most of them default to values of others. See live-manual for details.

Inclusion of debian-archive-keyring in your --keyring-packages option is unnecessary, as that is
automatically installed.

Provided your third-party kernel provides a linux-image-2.6-amd64 metapackage that points at the
third-party kernel, there is no need at all to specify --linux-packages. Otherwise, specify the stub
which, when the architecture is suffixed, forms the whole kernel package name. (And yes, as Daniel
suggested, you may also look for that recent thread in the list archive in which we cover this, but
since this turns out to be an FAQ, I plan to add it as an example to live-manual.)

There is a typo in --debconf-nowarnings. You have put a blank between the words in the option name
instead of a dash. This will probably break all options from there to the end of the line.

I did not rigorously check all other options against their default values, as that would be tedious
indeed. In future, if you follow my advice and confine your config to only include changes from the
defaults, that would help us all to communicate better concerning your config, and will likely also
reduce the number of mistakes you make.


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