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Building a Live system with Liquorix kernel instead of a regular Debian kernel.

Hello everyone.

I want to build an iso that uses the Liquorix kernel instead of the Debian Kernel. I have not given this a go yet so I am just clarifying what I need to do before I start.

My auto/config is attached to this message so you can see how it is setup. I would draw your attention to the lines:
--archives "ftp.au.debian.org backports.debian.org repo.mate-desktop.org liquorix.net" \
--keyring-packages "debian-archive-keyring mate-archive-keyring liquorix-keyrings" \
--linux-packages "linux-image" \

Now from my understanding --linux-packages "linux-image" \ is the line that deals with the installed kernel, if I'm wrong in this understanding please let me know. If I am correct in this understanding what would I enter instead of "linux-image" to get Live Build to use the Liquorix kernel instead of the Debian kernel. Or is this maybe so someone can use a BSD or Hurd kernel instead?

The other thing I was thinking is maybe all I need to do is place the relevant Liquorix packages into either the config/packages, config/packages.binary, or config/packages.chroot folder. But then again, would that then install both kernels (Debian and Liquorix) when all I want, in this instance, is the Liquorix kernel?

Or do I need to specify the Liquorix kernel in my config/package-lists/cobber-mate-.list.{binary-chroot} file/s.

In my config/archive folder I have added liquorix-keyring.key.binary and liquorix-keyring.key.chroot and during the build everything is recognised as it should be (I did this so I could add the Liquorix kernel later on if need be).

In my config/archive/mate-repository.list.{binary-chroot} I have all the relevant lines for the sources.list and this works as it should.

Anyway, if anyone can point me in the right direction here I'd really appreciate it.


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