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Re: Debian installer


On Fri, Sep 21, 2012 at 2:45 PM, Antispammbox-debian <antispammbox-debian@yahoo.it> wrote:


There are differences between the commands of web builder and live-build?
Huh? Now I'm really confused. Daniel said to select the 'live' installer option and include the
debian-installer-launcher package to include in your package list. You showed an error about
'>debian-live-installer' which is a package name that does not exist. I
theorized that you had
entered this package name into your package list.

I  talking about web-builder, no live-build.

On the web images builder interface of live-build.debian.net examine the options under Advanced binary options and --debian-installer: true

Is that not what happened? If it is, then you just
need to specify the correct package name instead, 'debian-installer-launcher', as Daniel said.

The syntax commands of live-build, is identical of the the web-builder?

The web interface offers only a small subset of all features available in a local install of live-build.


Hope this information helps.

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