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Re: Bug#683400: freeze-exception for live-debconfig

On 08/02/2012 08:32 PM, Philipp Kern wrote:
> Thanks for not giving any further information.

let me re-iterate: ftp-master told me to do ask the release-team to give
permission to ftp-master to process the package in NEW for unstable.
that's excately what i did.

wouldn't it make sense that ftp-masters and release-team do talk to each
other if the one or other team needs more information for this, instead
of having me in between? there's nothing that i can do about it on
either side/team anyway.

> If this is not intended for wheezy and if other
> -live components will not use or rely on it, that's ok.

it is intended for wheezy, but other live-* packages can make use of it,
but do not rely on it. lxc on the other hand relies on it.

> That said, it seems that communication with you is very hard, given your
> uncooperativeness.

'uncooperativeness'? please elaborate.

> We're also wary in which state -live is in given [1] and
> your reply[2].

live-installer requires working d-i, d-i currently is still too fragile.
but as said, we'll get there in time.

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