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Bug#680763: udev device mapping causes network problems

Package: live-boot
Version: 2.0.15-1

hey there,
i just realized a problem with ethernet-lan and udev in debian live (squeeze), using the persistence feature.

as far as i understand it, udev associates "eth0" to one specific MAC address and remembers that. now, if i use my live system on different computers, "eth0" is then usually already reserved and thus renamed to "eth5" or something alike. this causes network trouble.

"eth5" is not in "/etc/network/interfaces" and so neither brought up automatically nor can you manually do it with "ifup eth5". afaik, udev's behavior can be altered in "/etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules". but shouldn't that generally be changed for debian live? it would definitely add to usability.

there could be a simple boot script clearing the file "70-persistent-net.rules". for now, manually deleting it does the job.

btw, someone else additionally noted this:

arguably, not wholly a live problem ...
you would have the same issue if you did a (non-live) install to a usb stick
then move that stick from system to system

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