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Bug#680763: udev device mapping causes network problems

reassign 680763 live-build
retitle 680763 permanently disable persistent-net generator
tag 680763 pending

as you correctly saw, udev tries to be clever and keep persistent device
names for amongst others, network devices such as eth*.

this is accomplished through /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules.

since persistent network devices are not usefull for live system whos
purpose is to be used on many different hardware, we do remove this udev
rule in live-build.

udev then however re-adds this rule if it's missing. in the case of
using debian-live with persistency, this means, that a debian-live
system will then have a persistent network device name, which is unwanted.

given that the primary usage of a live system is to be used on many
different hardware, regardless if persistency is used or not, we should
make sure to optimize for the majority/most-used case and disable the
udev rule entirely so that udev does not re-add it.

those users that do want persistent network devices when using
persistency are clearly a edge-case and can 'workaround' it by enabling
it directly in their builds (by omitting the persistent-net hack).

for everyone else not using persistency, the change in the behaviour
doesn't matter anyway, they will get no persistent network devices in
the first place anyway.

disabling the rule for good can be done in live-build at build-time by
truncating the 70-persistent-net.rules instead of removing it.

i have commited this to both the live-build 2.x branch (relevant for the
squeeze point releases) and the 3.x branch (relevant for the wheezy

thanks for bringing this to our attention.

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