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live-config, live-boot not working in sid


This may be another one of those "don't use sid, dummy!" items, but I thought I'd put it out there, anyway:

I create a very basic sid based live CD using live-build 3.0~a45-1 on a sid machine:
    lb config -d sid && lb build

When I boot the resulting ISO, none of the configuration options from the command line takes, and the image does not automatically log in.
Scrolling up a little, I see a message:
    cat: /proc/cmdline: No such file or directory

One thing I noticed is that /etc/init.d/live-config does not seem quite correct: It looks like the dependency for mountkernfs should be in the Required-Start section, not in X-Start-Before.
Nonetheless, changing that, and even adding mountkernfs to the Required-Start section of /etc/init.d/live-boot does not fix the issue.

IIs anybody else able to build a working sid image right now, and is there a trick to it that I am missing?


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