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Re: Simple default ISO generation fails

On 25/01/12 08:03 PM, Ben Armstrong wrote:
On 25/01/12 07:45 PM, Michael . wrote:
8.4.5 Apt-Pinning in the manual seems to disagree with you on this point.

"Package: live-boot live-boot-initramfs-tools live-config
Pin: release n=sid
Pin-Priority: 600"

I know. I'm not entirely sure it's correct. The acid test is to check
'apt-cache policy live-boot' and also for each other package and see if
apt really obeys the pinning (also you should see the correct version
installed, which is noted in the resulting .packages file generated by

Ah, never mind. Rechecked apt_preferences(5) on squeeze which says:

·   The specific form assigns a priority (a "Pin-Priority") to one or
    more specified packages and specified version or version range. For
    example, the following record assigns a high priority to all
    versions of the perl package whose version number begins with
    "5.8". Multiple packages can be separated by spaces.

        Package: perl
        Pin: version 5.8*
        Pin-Priority: 1001

So multiple packages in the same line should work.


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