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Re: Simple default ISO generation fails

On 25/01/12 02:03 AM, Jake Norling aka Snow Keld wrote:
i hold these packages to squeeze versions:


this worked for me in october but some change in unstable after that time caused
the live boot to fail with error:

/init: line 7: /lib/udev/path_id: not found

after much work i have solved the problem.

udev package must have been the change, or something relating to it.

i found that you MUST use the corresponding version of live-boot-initramfs-tools

i suggest you use versions of udev and live-boot-initramfs-tools from the same

if you continue to fail then check version differences between testing and
unstable, likely you need live-boot-initramfs-tools pulled from unstable.

Thanks for the response, Jake/Snow. I'll try adding udev to my pinned sid live-* packages in chroot_apt/preferences and see what happens.

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