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Re: Planning for next squeeze point release (6.0.4)

On 12/15/2011 11:19 PM, Adam D. Barratt wrote:
> (and to which you appear to have ignored the response, at least
> publicly)

that response was a non-sequitur.

> That mail says you'd like to know "the rough estimated date" for
> planning purposes, [...]


> The purpose of the initial co-ordination mails is precisely to narrow
> that "rough estimated date" to an exact date

..which is why we want to be cc'ed, it's as simple as that.

> (Actually, in both of those cases fixes generally get worked on and
> uploaded throughout the cycle rather than just towards the end, which is
> arguably a better workflow for all involved.)

you should know by now that -live works a bit different wrt/ releases
due to the fact, that it has to adapt to all changes *after* everyone
(-kernel, -boot, -release, -ftp) has done them.

> Then I suspect you haven't read the above.  Hopefully it does some good
> for someone, in any case.

it is always a good thing to allege the other one is not reading stuff
if the initial problem solely lies in the own ignorance of the issue; or

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