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Re: Build system from install.

On 07/12/11 07:37 AM, dE . wrote:
> I was wondering about building a live system from a Debian install (an
> exact copy). This's originally meant for recovery purposes and emergency
> work if (for some reason, if the system gets some issues after an
> upgrade and some important work drops by just then).
> Unfortunately, live-build will download packages and make a fresh
> install instead. So my question is, is there a way to make a live system
> as I desired above? Do I have to peep into live-boot package to get it
> done?

Please look at the lb_config man page, --bootstrap copy. Please note
that this is not the best-supported use case for live-build, which works
best to create live systems from scratch, so adjust your expectations
for support accordingly.


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