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Re: Bringing doc up to date for 3.x

On 03/11/11 07:08 PM, chals wrote:
> I read your plan of action and it makes a lot of sense. There's a lot of
> work to do but it is definitely going to be worth it. Congratulations!


> I have taken a quick look through live-manual trying to find a spot to
> fit in without interfering with your workflow and I thought about
> working in smaller examples such as "8.4.5 APT pinning" section or "9.1
> Includes"  where there are some obvious changes to be done like renaming
> directories but there is some testing to do too in order to make sure
> the examples work.

If it's just a matter of stuff like config/chroot_local-includes/ to
config/includes.chroot/, don't worry about it. In a matter of a week or
so, I'll have the last of those handled. Once we're past the big global
replaces, it will be easier to have multiple people working on different
areas of the manual. I just want to avoid in the early stages colliding,
making messy merges and so forth.

> Please let me know if my proposal is ok or whether I can be of help in
> any other way. And in that case, tell me where to start.


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