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Re: integration of linaro-media-create

On 09/28/2011 02:30 AM, Tom Gall wrote:
> All in all, I'm posting this patch more as a proof of concept/open to
> comments& feedback.

more than welcome, thanks for sharing, and it's definitely good and much
appreciated to get everything mainlined.

however, your patch is based on an old version of live-build. could
please rebase on a more recent version (>= 3.0~a33-1) or better, on
debian-next git branch directly.

some more things on the way:

  * you added LB_SKIP_KERNEL_AND_INITRD_SETUP in order to allow to
    skip installing a kernel. newer versions of lb3 do support that
    out of the box already when setting LB_LINUX_PACKAGES=none resp.
    using --linux-packages none.

  * you added LB_PACKAGES back again, why?

  * you're adding LB_LMC_* thing, which is good in principle, but
    i'd rather have it generic as an additional binary image type
    along side of iso and hdd.

    in fact, live-build implementation wise, your image files are
    just a special case of hdd just like iso-hybrid of iso is.
    it would therefore be nice if we could add the additional things
    that LB_LMC_* add directly to the hdd images, that way we can
    keep everything in one place and keep code as minimal as possible.

regarding multistrap, let's see about that later and get above done first.


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