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Bug#642396: live-config: In function Cmdline file existence is ignored during _SCRIPTS list construction.

> perfect, except the last sed statement uses '/' instead of '|' as seperator.
Should I resend a new patch?

>> Also I have found that in some cases the resulting list contains
>> duplicated items in unsorted order.
> curious, what cases are those?
The most obvious is setting, for example, at the same time "config
noautologin" and $LIVE_CONFIGS.

>> Since it's the part of the same _scripts list construction problem
>> let's do the sorting in the end.
> in the default case, do we need to sort them? if not, it would be
> probably better to optimize for the common case where we do not use
> custom script selection, so sorting (twice) after processing CONFIG and
> NOCONFIG would be better/faster?
IMHO the actual sorting at the end would cover all possible cases and
is quite cheap. On my nodes it takes 0m0.001s of real time, think it's
not a big price for making sure the list is ok.

WBR realloc()

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