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Bug#642396: live-config: In function Cmdline file existence is ignored during _SCRIPTS list construction.

On 09/23/2011 03:26 PM, Stanislav Bogatyrev wrote:
> done


perfect, except the last sed statement uses '/' instead of '|' as seperator.

> There is no need to do that since non-existent files are not added to the list.

indeed, thanks.

> Also I have found that in some cases the resulting list contains
> duplicated items in unsorted order.

curious, what cases are those?

> Since it's the part of the same _scripts list construction problem
> let's do the sorting in the end.

in the default case, do we need to sort them? if not, it would be
probably better to optimize for the common case where we do not use
custom script selection, so sorting (twice) after processing CONFIG and
NOCONFIG would be better/faster?

> Thank You for your patience!

thanks for yours ;)

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