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Re: problem with debian-installer -- CLOSED

On 09/07/2011 12:53 PM, teseo wrote:
Debian Installer [...] does not:

a: eject automatically the support DVD

by default, when invoking d-i with the launcher, this cannot be done anyway as the live-media is used for the live system itself, so it cannot be ejected.

b: don't restart the pc.

atm, when d-i finishes, the 'window' just closes like any other application and you have to reboot yourself.

d-i should allow to select the 'closing mode' when finishing, if it's rebooting or just exiting. if it's rebooting, the launcher then should take care about that and reboot the live system from the outside.

please fill a wishlist bug about it.

these operations must be done by hand. in other distro derived
(ubuntu-debian) i seem to remember that these final operations of d-i
were performed automatically.

if you start d-i normally (from the bootloader) and not from the launcher, then both things work too.

for ubuntu, they are not using d-i but ubiquity instead.

if you have seen other derivatives that use d-i (and not ubiquity or linuxmint installer or whatever) and do reboot the system/eject the media after finishing the installation with the launcher, i'd be very interested to know which ones they are so we can merge patches from them.

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