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Re: Vanillux live iso


> either you use derivatives model (debian + additional repo), or
> distribution model (one repo).
This is what i am trying to but it seams that some basic features have
been removed in derivative mode, and some other features have a
modified behavior.

> what we currently don't support (and probably never support), is having
> the bastard in between as there's simply no point in it (debian +
> additional incomplete repo)
> ..and this is consistent and logical.
Our repo is quite complete the only thing we dont have is vmlinuz and
theres no reason why it should try to pull it from our repo with those
configs but it still does...

> derivatives mode is experimental. it's not documented properly yet since
> it's very much in flux. for the time being, use it at your own
> risk/expense/$whatever and look how the progress configs work.
Im not trying to be annoying or anything but in your first email you
suggested i use the experimental branch.

And as a programmer it makes no sense if you break existing features
or modify their behavior. Take your time to code all of that, not to
be able to leave a simple note in the man page for the users like
"Only active in derivative mode" for --mirror-chroot, "Disabled in
derivative mode" for --mirror-debian-installer ...

> oiow: i can give you tips where you have to look for stuff, but you need
> to do the actual work yourself, i do not have the time to walk you
> through the whole process. also remember using lb in general expects
> people to have some good understanding of debian internas, the audience
> is not everyone, his grandmother and her dog. evenmore so you're trying
> to build a derivative which requires even better understanding of
> debian. if you want to do it as a learning exercise/fun, fine, but then
> do the work yourself and not with stupid trial and error to annoying people.

I am not trying to get you to do it for me im really trying to figure
what features work and wich done because i need to create an iso and
everytime i get something to work something else breaks. (Now i
understand thats a feature...)

> if that's not good enough for you, then use stable, but then do not
> complain about missing features. the deal is 'either use stable and
> relay on documentation, or use unstable/experimental and primarily help
> yourself'.
Well i dont have much of a choice, the features i need are documented
to be in 3.x but it seams like since the man pages have been written
they have been broken by design.

>>     * Based on debian wheezy
>>     * vmlinuz and debootstrap downloaded from wheezy
>>     * Packages list downloaded from a third party repository
>>     * user is left with only the third party repository
> sounds like debian mode, with additional config/archives configured,
> binary indices turned off and a local hook to
a local hook to what ?

> [0] another thing which is very annoying is that you constantly switch
> between irc and list, deviding information you're giving between them.
> that way, someone who would want to help you needs to follow closely both.
Sry about that didnt know I wasent supposed to do that, i usually try
to ask what i think are short questions on the IRC to see if i could
get a quick answer and send an email for big issues/issues with

Ill stick to the list from now on.

On Mon, Aug 15, 2011 at 2:39 AM, Daniel Baumann
<daniel.baumann@progress-technologies.net> wrote:
> On 08/15/2011 08:21 AM, Fabrice Quenneville wrote:
>> Also the reason why i am trying to pull d-i from from wheezy (which
>> should be possible)
> (for the third and last time): no, not in derivatives mode. that's the
> whole point of it. if you are not a derivative in lb terms, which
> apparently you don't try to be (you try to be a distribution, in lb
> terms), then you would not use derivatives mode in the first place, but
> normal debian mode.
Im not saying its currently possible im just saying it should be
possible, there no reason why not. The feature was even already there
and documented until it got removed or broken.
--parent-debian-installer-distribution &&
--parent-mirror-debian-installer. I those features where still working
in derivatives mode i wouldn,t have this problem. (the other solution
being --mirror-chroot always on as its documented)

Would you mind explaining me why some parameters are disabled by
default and some disabled in derivative mode ?

I mean most of these features are used anyway they just can t be
changed from their default value (why block the user from changing the
default value ?) when disabled.

Thank you

Fabrice Quenneville

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