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Re: config/binary_sysinux being ignored

On 11-06-19 07:02 AM, Daniel Baumann wrote:
in 3.x, you will need to use a custom syslinux-themes package if you
want to change anything but the boot parameters (see
syslinux-themes-debian[0] or syslinux-themes-progress[1] for examples).

[0] http://packages.qa.debian.org/syslinux-themes-debian/
[1] http://vcs.progress-linux.org/?p=packages/syslinux-themes-progress.git

Hi all,

In the interests of making it easier for people to get up to speed with the syslinux-themes system used by live-build 3.x, here is what I had to do to use my own theme.

First, when Daniel says "you will need to use a custom syslinux-themes package", he means you need to actually create your own .deb file. You can't put your theme in chroot_local-includes and have it picked up during the build process. It needs to be a valid .deb file. Since I don't have my own repository, I put my theme's .deb in chroot_local-packages.

Second, this is a good source for instructions on creating your own .deb file: http://ptspts.blogspot.com/2010/02/how-to-create-debianubuntu-package-deb.html. If you start with syslinux-themes-debian-squeeze, you can skip a few of the steps.

Third, the name of your .deb has to start with "syslinux-themes-" for it to be found by the build scripts.

Fourth, "lb config help" says "--syslinux-theme THEME_SUFFIX". THEME_SUFFIX is actually the name of your theme at the /usr/share/syslinux/themes/ level. So using the syslinux-themes-debian-squeeze package as an example, THEME_SUFFIX would be debian-squeeze.

If any of this is incorrect, please feel free to correct me. I could find no information about this stuff online,o I thought I would contribute this little bit of documentation to the cause.


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