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Re: Stuck on "Configure the package manager" in installer within gnome/lxde live image

On 05/31/2011 10:12 AM, Peter Valdemar Mørch wrote:
> I boot up the live image, select "Live" from the boot menu. Once booted
> I dbl-click on "Debian Installer". It launches, asks me things (all
> defaults) and installs the system fine. Then I'm presented with "Debian
> installer main menu", with the "Configure the package manager" step
> highlighted, presumably because that step failed. Running "Configure the
> package manager" again takes about a second, but I get no indication
> about whether it passed or failed. The highlighted task doesn't move
> forward. If I forcibly move on to "Install the GRUB boot loader on a
> hard disk", I get to a working system, but with only a "deb cdrom:" line
> in sources.list.

Unfortunately, what you're probably running into is a battle between the
live image and the installer about what to do with the network. The live
image will configure the network one way (usually NetworkManager), then
the installer will attempt to configure it its own way (using ifupdown,
dropping connection in the live system). There are a couple of possible
workarounds I can think of (but have not tested):

1. disconnect the network in the live system before doing an install and
see what happens

2. run the installer with the network still up in the live system, but
don't configure the network (d-i doesn't really give you an option to do
this; choose a network interface you know will fail because it's not
plugged in). since the live-installer installs from the contents of the
image, it doesn't actually need the network. unfortunately,
configuration of apt and the network then becomes a post-install step
the user has to deal with later.


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