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Re: 2.6.39 kernel images [was: The Status page of Debian-Live is cryptic]


A Dimarts, 31 de maig de 2011 09:44:41, Michal Suchanek va escriure:
> Since you are building kernel images you can also include overlayfs

Overlayfs is easy, very fast, and reliable, (today is solved his last known 

However, for a Debian Live system we should note that there is a key difference 
between overlayfs and aufs or unionfs, it mounts only one read-only directory 
(or loop mounted squashfs file).
When a Live system is composed of several compressed squashfs files, the 
initramfs program may be modified to mount overlayfs using the big 
filesystem.squashfs file as lowerdir, next mount every one of the rest of the 
compressed files in a temp directory, copy ( cp -af ) their data over the 
rootdir, and unmount them.


Jordi Pujol

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