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Re: Project for GSoC (and other summer internship programs)


(Cc:'ing TAILS development list as I feel we all shall be part of this

Daniel Baumann wrote (23 Feb 2011 09:28:27 GMT) :
> having been gsoc mentor myself multiple times in the past, i'd be
> willing to act as co-mentor for any of the proposed projects.

Thank you for this proposal, this is much appreciated.

On the other hand, even our Debian Live -related project has roots and
goals that are very much TAILS-specific, so I wonder how someone who
is not a TAILS developer would be fit for mentoring it. Detailed
specifications of our project's actual goals will not be sufficient to
provide the kind of mindset we need for implementing things for TAILS
context; part of the mentoring task as I see it will be to help the
mentee(s) acquire this mindset for the time of this project.

On the other hand, one mentor coming from a TAILS background, and
another coming from a Debian Live background could be quite

At the end of the day, I just don't know.

> unrelated to that: past experience (and past practise) was that the
> student directly commits to the upstream vcs (in this case, in his
> own branch on live.debian.net/git/live-boot.git). i think it's the
> best way to do things together as closely as possible, and to make
> the most out of the summer project. also, this gains automatic
> support for things like package and image snapshots build with the
> students branch etc.

This seems great to me :)

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