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Re: http://wiki.debian.org/DebianLive/Howto/USB

Hi Ben,

On 2011-02-17 17:16, Ben Armstrong wrote:
On 16/02/11 05:10 PM, Filipus Klutiero wrote:
On 2011-02-16 15:58, Daniel Baumann wrote:
feel free to propose (or commit)
changes to the manual in future as described in the manual itself.
Sure, just don't count on it.
That's an odd stance to take for one who seemed before to care about
solving the issue.
Let me try to explain my stance. First, I have 200 mails in my inbox and am just hoping to keep that from growing. My free time is sparse, and while I prioritize Debian, Debian Live is only a relatively small part of Debian.

For me, restoring the page has solved the issue, at least partly. Although users are being pointed to the manual from the Debian Live homepage, there is also a link to the wiki, albeit a less prominent one, so users that take the time to look can find the information in 2 clicks.

Finally, if this information is really wanted in the Debian Live manual, this is not trivial to fix. I don't know exactly what should be done, but my first impression is a solution involves modifying the first-level sections, which I, as a mere Debian Live tester that probably only knows a tenth of what Debian Live can do, do not feel comfortable doing. In any case, I would have to learn git and install development packages to build the manual, which is a significant investment.
In any case, I felt your concern did have some merit
so I just committed a change to the introduction of the manual which
will more clearly state the purpose of the documentation, while at the
same time directing end users to the part of it you found hard to find.
Please see:

Thank you. I didn't really understand the sentence previously there "It does not include end-user documentation for using a Debian Live system as far as things are live specific." so I'm happy to see it removed.
This will need to be followed by some slight rewording in the one or
both of the referred to sections to allow for the fact that end-users
may now find the material concerning building images confusing, but I'll
have to think about it, because image builders are *still* our primary
Right. Although the change to the About section is a good start, I think I would have experienced the exact same thing when I came to use my image with the change. I don't think I red About this manual. The problem remains that if one searches for a way to copy a USB image on a stick looking at the table of contents as I did, the only place it is to be found is inside section 4.2 "First steps: building an ISO image", which is not what users are doing, so they will still probably conclude the information they want is missing.

Thank you,

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