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Re: live support for ext3 volumes > 1.8TB (2TiB)

> On 02/05/2011 01:18 AM, Tim Legg wrote:
>> I created it as 3TiB ext4 partition initially, and when I went to mount
>> it, mount told me that it was a wrong fs type, bad superblock, missing
>> codepage and many other dreadful things, even though it was created and
>> mounted fine on Ubuntu 10.04.  I got the idea that Debian Live doesn't
>> support ext4 as of debian-live-507-i386-lxde-desktop.img, so I used
>> ext3.
> no wonder if you used lenny. lenny (aka debian 5) was released in 2009.
> you should use squeeze. (aka debian 6).
>> Which gets me right to the point:  How do you mount this 3TiB ext4
>> partition within Debian live.
> this is not live specific, you mount it the same way as you always do.

Actually it is live specific since the most recent image (508) that is
downloaded from live.debian.net does not appear to support ext4, I cannot
mount it the same way as I would in a conventional Debian 6 environment. 
I believe that if I brought a thread like this to debianusers, I would be
suggested to try the debian-live list.

The testing link under "Download Releases" on the site is broken, so the
stable image is the only one I have access to.



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